I know what you’re wondering. “StoneCleap Soaps, Why is this blog written in 11.8 font instead of 12?”

That’s because this blog post is about our secret ingredient. How secret, You ask? It’s exactly 0.1 degrees secret. Unfortunately this word processor only had 11.8 and 12. So really we’re being an extra 0.1 degrees secretive, but thats probably for the best. We wouldn’t want anyone reading over your shoulder to know all about our secret ingredient.

The ingredient as listed above in much larger than 11.8 font is coconut oil. What we use coconut oil for is increasing the lather; the soapy, sudsy foam you get from adding water and friction to soap. Lather is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is what customers, like you, have come to expect from quality soap. A few moments is all it will take to have your hands overflowing with foam.

Soap lather is more than just visually appealing. It also helps to clean more. With lather you have more surface area than what you get from a bar alone. Between fingers, knuckle ridges, and even under the ends of your nails get cleaned incidentally when you use a lathery soap and that’s exactly the kind of product we at StoneClean Soap aim to provide you with.

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