About Us

About Us

StoneClean Soap is a company founded by two engineers with a combined experience of over 70 years in the personal care industry. They have traveled extensively over the world, from Romania and New Zealand to Thailand and South Korea, successfully opening manufacturing plants across the globe and gaining further insight into the production of personal care items. Products that you’ve passed in the personal care aisles utilize the formulas and processes that were designed or modified by these two soap experts.

After decades in the corporate world, they decided to form their own company, bringing with them the expertise, creativity and knowledge of combining natural ingredients found around the world to form a truly unique product. The ingredients used are sourced globally, utilizing the best raw materials available and manufactured in the United States to provide a high- quality product.

StoneClean Soap is manufactured by one of the oldest soap manufacturers in the world, using the traditional high-quality batch kettle process. Each bar is hand crafted using a combination of natural ingredients to create an artisanal bar soap of the highest quality that will delight our customers, leaving them refreshed, rejuvenated, and having a sense of a spa- like experience.

StoneClean Soap is a machine built on experience and oiled with love which we’re very proud to be a part of. StoneClean Soap serves as an engine to drive creativity and innovation to the forefront, embracing the degrees of freedom that smaller companies enjoy and allowing us to present you, our highly valued customer, with quality products to enjoy.

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