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Benefits and Attributes


Ingredients from the far reaches around the world with beauty benefits including materials like Shea Butter from the Sub-Saharan region extracted from the nuts of “The sacred tree of the Savannah.” The butter is rich in moisturizing properties and used for skin care. It protects and repairs skin that has been exposed to the sun, as well as preventing dehydration and flaking.
Hibiscus, with its natural cleansing properties due to the AHA surfactant which helps to exfoliate the skin, increase cell rejuvenation, control minor blemishes, and has been known to improve the elasticity of your skin.


Our soaps are processed by master soap boilers using traditional methods of soap making with all vegetable palm and coconut oils. The soap is made in an original manufacturing plant that has produced bar soap for over two hundred and thirty years. The bars are extruded and individually cut into blocks of soap, embossed and finished into a skillful shape which we feel is a work of art.


Our soap is cultivated with raw materials focused on nourishing the body and ensuring a healthy and vibrant skin. Using raw materials known for nourishing the skin, such as Biotin , you will come away from each experience feeling cleaner, fresher, and healthier. Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin B7, is known for helping to create healthy hair, nails and skin. Our soaps cleanse deep, clearing pores and tightening skin while moisturizing without harsh scrubs or chemicals.


Visualize standing under a natural waterfall and feeling the refreshingly cool mist and clean air surrounding you. Through the use of signature scents and revitalizing ingredients, you will feel like you just evolved from a true experience with nature.

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