It all starts with the ingredients, so I’d like you all to meet Lavender.

Lavender is such a common flower that it would make sense if it’s beauty faded a bit, like rusted iron, corroded by it’s normality. But that’s just not the case. It’s a pretty purple flower that a boy plucks from a grassy hillside to stick in his girlfriend’s hair. A vacationer in Japan will hike miles to have their breath taken away by a field of it sprawling below a mountain overlook, even if they grow it in their garden at home.

It’s common, but not so much that it isn’t special anymore.

People have found several uses for Lavender from flavoring tea to using the stems as cheap incense but our plans for the flower are a bit more predictable than all that. We’re using lavender as the scent for our “Peace On Earth” bar.

We thought it was a great choice for the fragrance, as it’s such a universal flower. You can find it anywhere from Japan and Australia to your backyard. So it’s known around the world, but beyond that, Lavender embodies peace. In hot water Lavender imbues the water with it’s essence and creates a calming tea, and when it’s burned into the air by a candle it disperses an aura of serenity to the space. For our purposes we can think of no better scent to embody “Peace On Earth”

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