Hey there! Welcome, or welcome back, to our maker’s diary.

This time we’re talking about another one of our ingredients, Hibiscus.

It is such a strong ingredient that it’s the titular ingredient of one of our launch products. You’re probably expecting I’m about to give you an explanation as to why we’ve picked this particular flower but really there isn’t much to tell. As you could probably guess, it’s the scent that we’re after. Hibiscus has a sweet and soothing tropical fragrance. It’s just the kind of scent that draws the mind to a hibiscus bush nestled into a cliffside bastion overlooking an island cove.

Our hope is that, upon closing your eyes and lathering yourself with our product, a bath turns into a volcanic hot springs soak and a shower turns into a warm tropical rainshower.

Hibiscus did more than just smell nice to get the job, however. The plant’s oil has been shown to possess some small degree of rejuvenating properties on skin. You might be surprised to know Hibiscus actually firms up wrinkles enough to earn the nickname “the botox flower” and has been shown to lighten dark circles around the eyes (please don’t get soap in your eyes).

Hibiscus is even used in flavorings for drinks and it makes the drink look like it was brewed by an alchemist

There’s also a whole list of benefits to the tea you can make with the petals, but we would not advise anyone to drink soapy bath water.

What we would recommend is that the next time you see a flower like this one:

take a moment to smell the hibiscus.

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